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Curriculum Vitae

Piero Lionello has completed Magna cum Laude his degree in Physics at the University of Padua in 1984and he is involved in enviromental research since 1987. 

During the first years of activity he has been awarded several fellowships of the Italian CNR, and he workedat ISDGM (I), MIT (USA), MPI fuer Meteorologie (D) and ECMWF (UK). He has been awarded an ESA fellowship at MPI fuer Meteorologie (D). He worked as Scientific consultant at ECMWF (UK), KNMI (NL), at Italian institutions, and as freelance scientist at MPI fuer Meteorologie (D). Since 1992 to 1991 he worked as researcher at the department of Physics of the University of Padua. Since 1999 he isassociated professor of oceanography and atmospheric physics at the University of Lecce where he teaches the courses "Physical Oceanography" and "Coastal Oceanography". Moreover he teaches the course "Modelling and Simulation" at the University of Padua.

He has been involved in several Italian National Projects. He has been member of the WAMDI Group for the development of the WAM (WAve Model) model. He has been coordinator of the Italian projects"Mass, energy and momentum fluxes across the air-sea interface", MAAMMed ("Modelli Accoppiati Atmosfera Mare nel Mediterraneo", Coupled atmosphere and ocean models in the Mediterranean Region),and IAMMed ("Interazione aria-mare nel Mediterraneo"), all funded by Italian CNR. He has been responsible of a reserch unit in the European projects MAST ECAWOM (European Coupled Atmosphere Wave Ocean Model), where he coordinated the the MA sub-group for the development of a coupled atmosphere-ocean-wave model, and "STOWASUS2100" (STOrms, WAves and SUrges Scenarios inthe 21st century) of the EC Program. Presently he takes part to the "Mediterranean Environment Project" funded by the Italian Ministry MURST and to "ASIMed" (Air-Sea Interaction in the Mediterranean) funded by the Italian Space Agency.


  • Ocean waves modeling and dynamics
  • Air-Sea Interaction
  • Meteo-oceanic prediction
  • Thermocline dynamics
  • Climate modeling in the Mediterranean region

Present activities




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