Dear Doctor,

   I have great pleasure in inviting a team of five students and two leaders as representatives of your country to compete in the 30th International Physics Olympiad to be held in Padua (Italy) from July 18-27, 1999. This prestigious event will give young scientists from all around the world the opportunity to meet in a frendly competition and enjoy an exciting agenda of social and scientific events in Italy.
   In accordance with the statute of the Olympiad, your team should consist of five secondary school students who have not yet entered university and two English-speaking leaders with good physics knowledge. Every student team member must be 19 years old or younger.
   The travel costs to and from Padua (Italy) are the responsibility of each participating country.
   Once the team arrives, food, accomodation and transportation associated with the Olympiad are the responsability of the organising commitee according to the statute. The official language of the Olympiad is English. Please see the accompanying brochure for further details.
   In response to this invitation I would be grateful if you would reply to the Secretary of the Organising Commetee, prior to March 1, by fax (preferable) or by air mail, at the following address:

   dr. Francesco MINOSSO
   XXX International Physics Olympiad
   Department of Physics
   University of Padova
   35100 Padova (Italy)

   Fax: 39-049-8277116

   I wish your team, leaders, observers and other visitors the very best for the 1999 Olympiad.