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Theoretical and Experimental Past Examinations

Canberra, Australia, 26ª International Physics Olympiad

Oslo, Norway, 27ª International Physics Olympiad

Sudbury, Canada, 28ª International Physics Olympiad

Reykjavik, Iceland, 29ª International Physics Olympiad

Leicester, Great Britain, 31ª International Physics Olympiad

Antalya, Turkey, 32ª International Physics Olympiad

Bali, Indonesia, 33ª International Physics Olympiad

Taipei, Taiwan, 34ª International Physics Olympiad

Pohang, Korea, 35ª International Physics Olympiad

Salamanca, Spain, 36ª International Physics Olympiad

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Education Training Youth
European Community Course Credit Transfer System
European Community Action Scheme fot the Mobility of University Sudents

What is ECTS?

ECTS, the European Community Course Credit Transfer System, was developed by the Commission of the European Communities in order to provide common procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad. It provides a way of measuring and comparing learning achievements, and transferring them from one institution to another.

The ECTS system is based on the principle of mutual trust and confidence between the participating higher education institution. The few rules of ECTS, concerning Information (on courses available), Agreement (between the home and host institution) and the Use of Credit Points (to indicate student workload) are set out to reinforce this mutual trust and confidence. Each ECTS department will describe the courses it offers not only in terms of content but also adding credits to each course.

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