Count Release 2.4 for NT (intel)

Last Updated: Nov 24, 1997, 6:10 PM EST
Latest Release: Nov 23, 1997
Initial Release: Mar 10, 1996


This is the 2.4 beta binary release of the WWW homepage access counter for NT (intel). Please look at the page for Count 2.4 for source distribution and detail documentation. This is a port of the Unix version to NT. I compiled it with MS Visual C++ 5.0 on a NT 4.0 (Intel) workstation. It is a Windows NT console application. Your web server must support Standard CGI (not Windows CGI).

This version has all of the features of the unix version.

Download and Install

The binary distribution for NT is available as a zipped file (

ftp Download the archive (

After downloading, unzip the archive in your cgi-bin, scripts, cgi-shl (or wherever you keep CGI programs) using the "-d" switch. For example:

    unzip -d
If you use winzip or some other program which maintains the directory structure in the zip file, you don't have to worry about -d switch.

The following directory structure and files will be created in the current working directory:

    |-- Count.exe
    |-- CountNT.html
    |-- README
    |-- VERSION
    |-- extdgts.exe
    |-- extdgts.txt
    |-- mkstrip.exe
    |-- mkstrip.txt
    |-- ChangeLog
    `-- wcount
        |-- conf
        |   `-- count.cfg
        |-- data
        |   `-- sample.dat
        |-- digits
        |   |-- A
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   |-- B
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   |-- C
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   |-- D
        |   |   |-- lenna.gif
        |   |   `-- strip.gif
        |   `-- E
        |       `-- strip.gif
        |-- logs
        `-- rgb.txt
Note, c:\intetpub\scripts is the directory designated for keeping the CGI programs for the web server. You can configure your web server to keep it anywhere you like. Please read your server documentation.

Edit the file wcount\conf\count.cfg with wordpad and Save As Text Document. Never use notepad to edit this file. The file count.cfg is heavily commented. Read the counter main page for details.

Read the counter main page and look at the Example page for help. In the example page, the name of the counter program is Count.cgi, for NT the name will be Count.exe.

Official Counter Home:

Muhammad A Muquit