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Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Sezione di Padova

Via Marzolo 8, 35131 Padova - Italy
email: prot@pd.infn.it - PEC: padova@pec.infn.it
Codice Univoco Ufficio (CUU): TC7B3Q
phone and fax numbers: see the list
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INFN e-mail configuration

We suggest Thunderdird as mail reader.

You can connect to our mail server using the following parameters:

  • incoming mail
     imap server    Example
          server:              imap.pd.infn.it
          port:                993
          secure connection:   choose SSL (in some versions there is SSL/TLS)
     pop3 server    Example
          server:              pop3.pd.infn.it
          port:                995
          secure connection:   choose SSL (in some versions there is SSL/TLS)
  • outgoing mail
          server:              smtp.pd.infn.it
          port:                587
          secure connection:   choose STARTTLS (in some versions there is TLS)
          username and password: enabled

If you prefer a character interface you can use pine from lx.pd.infn.it, where no configuration is needed.
Otherwise, to use it from another machine, from [M]AIN MENU choose [S]etup, then [C]onfig and modify following settings:

  • Inbox path ----> {imap.pd.infn.it/SSL}INBOX
  • smtp-server ---> smtp.pd.infn.it/novalidate-cert/submit/user=your-username/tls

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