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 International Workshop on the Dynamical Casimir Effect

Padova, June  22nd  23rd, 2004  

 Sala Rossini  Caffè Pedrocchi - Piazzetta Pedrocchi Padova




The first International Workshop on The Dynamical Casimir Effect will take place in Padova on June 22nd and  23rd, 2004. The aim of the workshop is to gather together scientists working in this field, for discussions on different theoretical aspects and on possible experiments. The workshop will be organized with single sessions with invited speakers. For those who wish to contribute, a few short oral presentations (15') will be available in the final session.

Please send an abstract to casimir@pd.infn.it before May 20th, 2004. No proceedings will be published but the contributors' slides will be made available on the internet.

Workshop Location

The workshop will take place at Sala Rossini of Caffè Pedrocchi situated in Piazzetta Pedrocchi, Padova.

Caffè Pedrocchi is a complex building in neo-classic style with a flourish of ornate Gothic, designed by Arch. Giuseppe Jappelli (1831). Original and rare example of a multipurpose premises, designed to be a cafè on the ground floor while the upstairs rooms, decorated in variuous styles, were intended as meeting and concert halls. Famous meeting place for scholars, it was the scene of student uprising in 1848.

Padova is one of the largest cities in the North-East of Italy. The city is located 40 km west of Venice and is known for its dynamic economy, artistic buildings and a famous University.
The "Università degli Studi di Padova" is the second oldest University in Italy and is one of the most ancient in Europe. Juridical, theological, philosophical and medical studies were fostered in the mediaeval town before the ground was prepared for the official birth of a permanent university, which took place on September 29, 1222. The first graduated woman in the world, achieved her degree at the University of Padova.

Both  morning and afternoon sessions will undergo to a pause of about 30 minutes for a coffee break. Lunches or refreshments can be taken individually in the several bars, restaurants and pizzerias spread in and around the workshop area.  Click here to see a list of  places close to Caffè Pedrocchi.


June in Padova is generally rather hot. Temperatures may reach 28° - 30° during the day and are cooler in the evening.


Those wishing to participate should fill up the registration page. 

From 8.30 to 9.30  on June 22nd participants will register at the secretariat desk. Please note that the fee has to be payed cash (Euros only).


All further information about the workshop can be asked at the Secretariat Office: -

Mrs. Sandra Calore: e-mail:sandra.calore@pd.infn.it

Phone +39-049-827 7097 Fax: +39-049-875 6233. During the workshop the secretariat office schedule will be as follows: 8.30 - 13.00 / 14.30 - 18.00.