Summer Exchange Program for 2003

Dipartimento di Fisica
"G. Galilei"
Università di Padova
The US Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation and the INFN of Italy announce a Summer Exchange Program for 2003 to promote the exchange of students in science and engineering between the two countries. Students are offered the possibility to work on projects which will further their experience in the areas of science and technology that are relevant for their academic training.

Padova  was one of the three initial research centers that formed INFN when the latter was founded in 1951  and  is now one of the largest among the Italian INFN sites.

Research activities in Padova are pursued in all major INFN areas of interest: Particle Physics, Astroparticle Physics, Nuclear Physics, Theoretical Physics and Detector Physics.
Several groups are participating in experimental programs in collaboration with US institutions.
In particular the following groups have expressed their interest in the program and invite US students
to join their research activity in the program: Auriga,  BaBar, CMS, CDF, Glast, Zeus and R&D for the Linear Collider.

Candidates must have completed at least three years in an undergraduate curriculum in physics, or computing studies in a US university and wish to join a team at  Padova for approximately 2 months between June 1st and November 30th, 2003.

Opportunities include participation in physics analysis activities of running experiments as well as involvement in detector development, construction and test for experiments at LHC and at future Linear Collider.

Grants amount to Euro 5000 for 2 months to be spent in Padova. Participants must hold an appropriate visa to work in Italy.

To apply, please send a letter explaining your interests in physics, or computer science along with a curriculum vitae or resume with you educational and work experience. The deadline for applications is May 23rd, 2003. Applications will be examined and a decision will be taken and communicated within a few days.

Please send electronic applications only by filling the form below:

INFN secretarial staff can be contacted for obtaining help about travelling to relevant destinations and other practical information through the web-sites of the host Laboratories/Sections and in any event at:  +39 06 9420262;