The past few years have seen a strong increase of interest in nuclei
beyond the proton drip line, both from an experimental and a
theoretical point of view, and new phenomena have been discovered.

  The study of these processes provide a direct way of getting
spectroscopic informations on nuclei far away from the stability valley
that are difficult or impossible to obtain by other methods.  On the
theoretical point of view the description of the observed processes
presents a challenging problem to the researchers in the field.

  This conference aims to review the recent progress in this field,
and to provide the framework for the exchange of information and new
ideas between experimentalist and theoreticians, regarding future

                                            SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM

    The main topics of the conference are:

   1) Experimental results on:
      a)  one proton emission
      b)  two proton emission
      c)  alpha emission

   2) Gamma and beta decay studies of nuclei beyond the proton drip line

   3) Theoretical studies

   4) Proton drip line nuclei and nuclear astrophysics

   5) New experimental techniques and future directions

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