Who Uses Parasolid?

Recent Licensees of Parasolid (1996 & 97)

  • MCS (Anvil 5000)
  • Mechanical Dynamics Inc.
  • Geometric Software Services Company Limited (GSSL)
  • Cimio
  • Andor
  • Armonicos
  • Gibbs & Associates
  • Enterprise Software Products Inc.
  • 3rd Angle Limited
  • Deneb Robotics
  • Boeing Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Motor Corporation
  • Stanford University
  • UC Berkeley
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Liverpool University

    Commercial Products Powered by Parasolid

    EDS/Unigraphics1989Unigraphics3D CAD/CAM
    Concentra1990ICADKBE system
    Fujitsu 1991ICAD/SXAssembly design
    Fujitsu 1993ICAD/MXFeature-based CAD
    Grumman Systems1993ParaSTEPSTEP-based Translator
    Tecnomatix1993RobcadRobotics software
    Theorem Solutions1993 Data Exchange / Translators
    Vero International1994Visicad & VisicamPC-based CAD/CAM
    Topcad1994TOPsolid PC-based CAD
    SolidWorks1995SolidWorks PC-based CAD
    Deneb Robotics1996Robotics software
    Enterprise Software1996FEMAP CAE Automatic Meshing Module
    Armonicos1996Data Exchange / Translators
    Gibbs & Associates1996Virtual GibbsCAM
    MacNeal-Schwendler1996Patran CAE software
    Cimio1996CAD++Data Exchange / Translators
    GSSL1997Feature Recognition Toolkit

    Companies currently developing commercial products using Parasolid

    In-house Applications based on Parasolid have been developed by:

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