18 - 22 October 2004

Padova Highlights

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The social events listed below are planned for participants and accompanying persons:

Monday, October 18 8.30  p.m.

Guided visit to Musei Civici agli Eremitani  (piazza Eremitani, 8) Works of Giotto and other important artists are exibited.

Because of  work in progress, the visit  to the palace cannot   take place.

   Palazzo della Ragione

Between  Piazza delle Erbe and  Piazza della Frutta stands Palazzo della Ragione commonly called Il Salone, erected in 1218 and rebuilt in 1306 by Fra' Giovanni degli Eremitani. In the medieval age citizens convened here to discuss trouble matters. A daily busy market occupies the ground floor and the adjoining Piazze.


Tuesday, October 19 optional visit toCappella degli Scrovegni. The access to the Cappella is organized in four groups of 25 people each 15 minutes; entrance hours (20:00, 20:15, 20.30 and 20.45) on  registration day. A  low cost ticket of € 6,00 has  been reserved. 



The Scrovegni  Chapel

is the masterpiece of the fourteenth century Italian and Europeran painting. It holds the most complete cycle of entirely preserved frescoes produced by Giotto (1303-1305). In thirty-six scenes arranged in three tiers the great florentine master depicted the lives of Mary and Jesus, illustrating the theme of the Redemption which is concluded on the entrance wall with the Last Judgement.

The Collaboration Dinner will be on Wednesday, October 20 (~ 20:00-24:00) at Villa Molin, Via Ponte della Cagna, 102 - Mandria  (directions from Phys. Dept. to Villa Molin).Two APS buses will take us at 19.00 from the Dept.of Physics. At dinner end  the buses  will take all participants to hotels. (exception for Hotel Donatello and Majestic Toscanelli,  reachable only on foot). Villa Molin lies near Padua along Battaglia Channel next to Ponte della Cagna, it was ordered in 1597 by Venetian ambassador Nicolò Molin and realized by Vincenzo Scamozzi. The building has a square plan and, on channel side, a pronao and Ionian columns that remember Rotonda of Palladio. During 1915-18 war the villa became military Command headquarters and was the theatre of negotiation preceding Villa Giusti armistice (3-11-1918).

Thursday, October 21 a Concert of 1700 Venetian Music will be given at Sala dei Giganti Palazzo Liviano,  Piazza Capitaniato (see map) at 20:00 p.m. The concert  is sponsored  by  the University of Padova and by the Physics Department. Mario Folena and Roberto Loreggian  (short  biography) will play  musics of T. Albinoni,  A. Vivaldi , J.S. Bach, B. Marcello and other italian composers of 1700 (program).

Sala dei Giganti (Giants' room) is what remains of the palace of Carraresi family, that governed the city in the 14th century.  It was built in the 13th century and at the beginning it was called “Stanza degli eroi”(Heroes' room) because of the subjects of the frescoes (14th century) on the walls. Francesco Petrarca suggested the subjects that should be painted and, after his death in 1374, his image was added to the fresco. This room was destroyed by a fire at the beginning of the 16th century and it was completely rebuilt by the venetian “Capitanio” Gerolamo Corner in 1540.