Padova, 18 - 22 October 2004

Padova Highlights

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The parallel Sessions and all the Plenary Sessions, but the opening, will take place at the Department of Physics Galileo Galilei"  Via Marzolo, 8 - 35131 Padova  (Instructions how to reach), starting on Monday afternoon  October 18th  and finishing on Friday  noon October  22nd, 2004.

The First Plenary Session  (Tuesday afternoon) will be held  at Archivio Antico of Palazzo del Bò Via VIII  Febbraio, 2 . This is the main (and oldest) building of the University of Padova, the place where Galileo Galilei used to teach.(pedestrian path from the Physics Dept.) Alternative way to Palazzo del Bo':

Please notice that access to University and to  Department of Physics is restricted. You will be allowed to enter by wearing the badge, that you will get upon registration when you arrive in Padova.

Please also note that Registration Fee (140,00 EU) must  be payed  at arrival  and can ONLY be accepted in CASH and EUROS.  Secretaries  will be available  for  registration during the full day of Monday Oct. 18th  and the morning of Tuesday Oct. 19th  at the Physics Department "Galileo Galilei"  Via Marzolo, 8.  Receipts will be given for refunding reasons.


We strongly discourage you from using your car, particularly to reach  "Palazzo del Bo". It is almost impossible to find a parking in the old part of the city and there are a lot of oneway streets and pedestrian  zones which make it very difficult for non-residents to find their way.