In the spirit of the motto "interdisciplinarity is dialog" the aim of the Lab is to face biological and ecological problems in collaboration with experts of the field. Not mixing our expertises, but summing them up.



NEW: Applications for PhD positions granted by University of Padova. More information here. DEADLINE: 30th June 2017.

Post-doctoral position in the modeling of epidemics avaible in the EPIcx Lab, Sorbonne University. More information here.

Welcome to our new Ph.D. student Ilenia Apicella!

Statistical Physics of Ecological Systems, our review on Neutral Theory and Beyond, accepted in Review of Modern Physics!!

Our new work on species coexistence and environmental noise!

Our new paper: Species survival and scaling laws in hostile and disordered environments

Our new work on Food Complexity!


LIPh - Amos Maritan
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia 'G. Galilei'
via Marzolo, 8
35131, Padova
Phone: +39-049-827-7175

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