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Instructions to enable INFN-AAI account

Before the first access to “Sistema Informativo” or INFN Portal, your INFN-AAI account must be activated following the steps described below. You need to follow these instructions only if this is the first time that you log in at INFN-AAI.


Click on “Change or Reset Password – Retrieve Username” 


It appears a pop up window where you must enter your italian fiscal code; you must also enter the two words in the image (captcha). If they are unreadable, you can regenerate them by clicking on the small button with the two arrows ().


In the Reset Password section of the next window, enter your INFN e-mail address twice and click on Reset password button. This action generates an automatic e-mail to you, with a security code that you must use in the last step. In this window you can also see the username assigned to you. 


Finally enter the Security CODE, choose a new password and click on Set Password to activate your account.