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Director Office and Secretariat

This Service is in charge of

• Director office, register, documents archive, associates, Section Council (CdS), external relations, recruitment, conventions and agreements, international exchanges;
• scientific secretariat;
• documents related to radiation protection and health;
• Prevention and Protection Service secretariat;
• organization of conferences, meetings and seminars.


  • Giovanni Moschin – Head

Director Office

  • Laura Dal Fabbro
  • Elena Pavan
  • Maristella Zuin

Office email:
Institutional email:
PEC (certified electronic mail):


  • Rossana Chiaratti
    Group I and V – CCR
  • Natalia Miletti
    Group I and V – ILO
  • Giuseppina Salente
    Group II, Group IV events

  • Marina Andreazzo
    Group III
  • Paola Zenere (DFA-UNIPD)
    Group IV