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Gruppo V - Technology, interdisciplinary and physics research of accelerators


Gabriele Simi
Tel.: 049.827.7074
Office: 163 – DFA Via Marzolo, 8

The CSN5 (5th Scientific Commission of INFN) coordinates technological development and research on all topics of interest of INFN, and promotes the use of physics instruments, methods, and technologies in other sectors. The main research areas of CSN5 are:

  • accelerator development and related technologies;
  • detection of particles and radiation;
  • electronics, software and computing;
  • interdisciplinary physics (application to medicine/biology, environment, cultural heritage, …).

The technological development can be transferred to industrial and commercial applications through the dedicated Commission (CNTT = National Commission for Technology Transfer).
CSN5 encourages and stimulates young researchers towards experimental physics and R&D through a dedicated grant, issued each year.

Research activity, present experiments


Cristina Miletti
Tel.: 049.9677080
Office: 133 (I floor) Building Via Marzolo
Skype: Cristina Miletti