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"Mathematica Unlimited Site" agreement

The Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Padova Division of INFN have entered into a license agreement with Wolfram, valid until 31/3/2019 (renewable), that allows unlimited installation and use of the software Mathematica on all departmental computers, and on personal computers of staff and collaborators of the two institutions as well as of students of degree course in Physics and Astronomy.

Employees and collaborators who need to use Mathematica, have to send an email to the helpdesk, specifying if it is an installation on an home or portable computer, or if it should be installed on a departmental computer always connected with the internal network.

In the first case we’ll create an activation key that will be sent by Wolfram via email to the requesting user together with information about downloading the software and activating the license.

In the case of departmental computers, we’ll install the program with a network license: therefore in this case it’s necessary to specify in the request the name or the IP address of the computer.

PhD students, research fellows and collaborators will be assimilated to employees.

Licenses for students of degree course in Physics and Astronomy will be assigned with a different modality, not described in this page.