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Developments and Innovations on Additive Manufacturing Workgroup in INFN Padova

About us

DIAM is a workgroup of the INFN Padova section. It was born in 2016 and it is intended to carry on scientific and technological research on Additive Manufacturing (AM). The multi-disciplinary team include engineers, researchers, technicians, etc. with a background in mechanics design and material sciences.



  • Bonesso, M., Rebesan, P., Gennari, C. et al.
    Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Laser Powder Bed Fusion Manufacturability of Copper. Berg Huettenmaenn Monatsh (2021).

  • G. Favero, M. Bonesso, P. Rebesan, R. Dima, A. Pepato, S. Mancin,
    Additive Manufacturing for Thermal Management applications: from experimental results to numerical modeling, 2021, 100091, International Journal of Thermofluids,

  • P. Rebesan, M. Bonesso, C. Gennari, R. Dima, A. Pepato, M. Vedani, Tungsten Fabricated By Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Berg Huettenmaenn Monatsh (2021).
  • N. Novak, L. Biasetto, P. Rebesan, F. Zanini, S. Carmignato, L. Krstulović-Opara, M. Vesenjak, Z.Ren, Experimental and computational evaluation of tensile properties of additively manufactured hexa- and tetrachiral auxetic cellular structures, Additive Manufacturing (2021),


  • Realization of a high quality factor resonator with hollow dielectric cylinders for axion searches
    NIM A 985, 164641


  • Realization of a high quality factor resonator with hollow dielectric cylinders for axion searches
    NIM A 985, 164641


  • P. Agostinetti, T. Bolzonella, M. Bonesso, R. Dima, G. Favero, A. Ferro, M. Gobbin, G. Granucci, C. Hu, F. Lucchini, N. Pilan, P. Rebesan, A. Romano, G. Spizzo, A. Pepato, Veronese, P. Vincenzi, Ya. Xie, Yu. Xie, “Conceptual design of the beamline for the DTT Neutral Beam Injector”, The 29th International Toki Conference on Plasma and Fusion Research, Ceratopia Toki, Toki City, Gifu, Japan, October 2020.
  • P. Rebesan, M. Bonesso, C. Gennari, M. Vedani, R. Dima, A. Pepato, Tungsten and Molybdenum Fabricated by Laser Powder Bed Fusion, Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference 2020 (ASMET|Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials), Vienna, October 2020.

  • Sinico, Mirko & Cogo, Giacomo & Benettoni, Massimo & Calliari, Irene & Pepato, A. (2019)
    Influence of Powder Particle Size Distribution on the printability of Pure Copper for Selective Laser Melting.
    Conference Paper (PDF)
  • Sinico, Mirko & Rossi, Antonio & Pepato, A. (2017)
    Selective Laser Melting of Pure Copper at Low Laser Power.