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Computing and networking

Computing and networking

Requests for assistance with problems of an informatic nature must be sent by e-mail to the following address: HelpDesk or by clicking on the adjacent button

In case of emergency

Only for  emergencies and if you can not send emails, call 049.967.7398

Staff INFN

  • Michele Michelotto – Responsabile del servizio
  • Massimo Sgaravatto – Tecnologo
  • Sergio Traldi – Tecnologo
  • Fabio Bredo
  • Alberto Crescente
  • Massimo Gravino
  • Daniele Piccoli
  • Ivo Saccarola

Staff DFA

  • Matteo Menguzzato – Responsabile del servizio
  • Martina Favero
  • Loris Lazzaro
  • Federico Virello

Web Services

  • Account and notebook management
    Request for an INFN account in Padua
    Request for the renewal of your INFN Padova account
    Request a portable connection to the INFN network
    Request connection to the INFN network for a laptop for a guest
  • Change Password
    Web form to change the password of your INFN account in Padua
    the linux password is also used for e-mails
    the windows password also serves for wireless authentication
    it is advisable to keep different passwords between linux and windows
  • Webmail

Project CloudVeneto

Logo CloudVeneto col leone di SanMarco in una nuvola is an initiative involving ten departments of the University of Padua, the Padua Section of the INFN (National Institute of Nuclear Physics) and the National Laboratories of Legnaro of the INFN. It is proposed as a center of technological reference and competence Cloud, addressed not only to the world of research, but also of companies and the Public Administration.
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